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Zhejiang Lighting Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd.

Designs and manufactures high performance LED lighting systems for museums and art galleries

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  • Phone: +86-574-87915685
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    1/F, Building 1, No.389, Guanghua Road, Hi-tech Zone, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
LEDING Lighting (Zhejiang Lighting Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd) designs and manufactures high performance LED lighting systems for museums, art galleries, showrooms, hotels, retail facilities, and other applications where color quality is a paramount concern. LEDING's business model is structured around professional project management of turnkey lighting solutions through its cutting edge portfolio of products and technology. Over the years, LEDING has developed a wealth of experience and expertise from design engagements to project management.

The core portfolio of LEDING's proprietary lighting solutions include LED track lighting systems and LED downlights. These luminaires are designed to deliver the industry's highest quality of light and provide unmatched intensity and consistency for color-critical applications. With a minimum CRI of 95, LEDING's LED lighting systems produce a full, balanced color spectrum very close to that of sunlight, offering excellent rendering across all colors. The light source that is free of IR, UV and heat radiation is made from same batch (or bin) LEDs to ensure light consistency. The precision-engineered optics with flexible aiming mechanisms supported by sophisticated accessories and control options offer architects, lighting designers and curators unparalleled flexibility and precision when creating cutting-edge lighting scenarios.

Created by designers for designers, LEDING is committed to working together with leading architects and lighting designers to deliver the best project experience for museums, galleries and cultural institutions that goes beyond engineering. The technology behind its products have been proven to enhance the prominence, attractiveness and clarity of displayed exhibits through years of successful performance. LEDING's competency extends beyond lighting the art and exhibits, the company also offers lighting solutions for commercial and hospitality applications where light is designed to create unique and striking atmospheres that enhance the core value of the illuminated items or spaces.
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